The Kingdom of Fairhaven, which for centuries has been a cornerstone of global human civilization and prosperity, stands on the brink of calamity. A trio of revolutions – political, religious, and intellectual – tug at the very heart of the institutions that have long held power in the kingdom. An unprecedented poison spreads across the land, ruining crops, spoiling supplies of fresh water, and killing animals. It brings with it the threat of widespread famine. From the highlands in the hills and mountains nearby comes the threat of monster races bringing war.

In the midst of all, rumors abound that ancient secrets regarding a long-forgotten artifact have now come to light. The rumors have triggered a race to gather together the resources necessary to track down, obtain, and return to Fairhaven with the legendary Pillar of Heaven. Many believe it holds the keys to lasting peace and prosperity. Others see it as a way to ensure the planetary health of Verdens’ ecology. Those bent on malevolence want it as a tool to lord over or even destroy all of Verdens itself…

The Pillar of Heaven

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