The Vision of Li Peng

I will share with you my secret, for the time has now come to release myself from the burden of maintaining it. Such a weight taxes the limbs as well as the conscious and unconscious mind. Perhaps by letting it go the many nights of restless sleep will now cease. Perhaps it will give some hope to the people of this troubled land as well.

The visions started during sleep. It is said that Olorwe, the Lord of Dreams, had a hand in the creation of the Pillar of Heaven. And in my dream I saw a shadowy figure, gaunt of frame, with pale, sunken facial features and a shock of thick, black, unkempt hair. A black crow perched on his shoulder. Those with knowledge of the divine will tell you that this is the physical form of Olorwe.

The form fades to reveal a massive column of white and red stone, stretching so high heavenward that the top cannot be seen. It extends upwards through the clouds and beyond. The column is engraved with gold and silver and copper, and a great light shines from it. Groups of peoples encircle the column, elves, humans, dwarves, and others, dressed in white, black, and gold.

Then the column dissolves and fades away, replaced by another type of monolithic-looking stone. I giant spire of mountainous rock, sheer and weather beaten, with what look like caves dotting its vertical surface. At the pinnacle is a gleaming, angular, megalithic metallic structure. The land around the mountain is enshrouded in mist, rife with massive boulders and twisted vegetation. Against the gleaming metal I descry the silhouette of Olorwe yet again.

I seem to zoom in on the silhouette, who makes a sweeping gesture toward the angular metallic building. A light then shines from it, and a previous unseen door is revealed. It is the way inside, the way to the secret…the way to the Pillar of Heaven

The Vision of Li Peng

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