The Stone Spire of Etala

In his vision of Olorwe and The Pillar of Heaven, Li Peng offered the following description:

“Then the column dissolves and fades away, replaced by another type of monolithic-looking stone. A giant spire of mountainous rock, sheer and weather beaten, with what look like caves dotting its vertical surface. At the pinnacle is a gleaming, angular, megalithic metallic structure. The land around the mountain is enshrouded in mist, rife with massive boulders and twisted vegetation.”

This paragraph describes the great Stone Spire of Etala, atop which sits the Weirdrangle. In his meeting with the party, Father Bilwill Gildshine elaborated on his perceived significance of the Stone Spire. He says that the Stone Spire itself is of mysterious origin, and the its existence greatly predates that of the Weirdrangle. In fact, Father Gildshine stated that the legend of the Stone Spire posits that it is a vestige of the great civilization that predated the cataclysm of the destruction of the Pillar of Heaven of old. The Stone Spire, he says, somehow survived the reshaping of Verdens that followed.

As such, Father Gildshine expressed his belief that the vision of Li Peng may have been misinterpreted. Of the many myths and legends regarding the Pillar of Heaven, one in particular holds the the Pillar was not destroyed, but that in fact the broken pieces were buried under an unknown mountain on Verdens. Father Gildshine believes that the Stone Spire may be that mountain, and that it is therein that the Pillar of Heaven will be recovered.

The Stone Spire of Etala

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