The Pantheon of Verdens

Ruling Trinity

Atmo – The god of Air and the Sky.
Domain: Light.
Analogous to Pelor, Horus, or Tolkien’s Manwe.

The goddess of Nature.
Domain: Life.
Analogous to Obad Hai, Elhonna or Tolkien’s Yavanna.

The god of Justice.
Domain: War.
Analogous to St. Cuthbert, Heironeous, or an obscure Tolkien Vala called Makar.


Golodun – The god of Magic and Smithcraft.
Domain: Knowledge.
Analogous to Boccob, Wee Jas, or Tolkien’s Aule.

Gwalto – The god of Wealth, Luck, and Chance. The Jester.
Domain: Trickery.
Analogous to Olidamarra or an obscure Tolkien Vala called Maxane.

Other Deities with Influence in the Starting Kingdom:

Aearmo – The god of the Sea. Domain: Tempest. Analogous to Tolkien’s Ulmo. (The starting kingdom sits on the coast and is a major trading center.)
Aerandir – The god of terrestrial Travel. The Wanderer. Domain: Knowledge. Analogous to Farlanghn or Tolkien’s Orome. The are shrines to Aerandir on the many of the roads that criss-cross the kingdom.
Kultakhor – The god of Strength. Domain: War. Analogous to Kord and Tulkas. Soldiers pray to Kultakhor, not Ayalwe.
Elenriel – the goddess of the Moon and Stars. Domain: Light. Wife of Atmo. Analogous to Tolkien’s Varda/Elbereth Githoniel.

Other Gods with Lesser Influence in the Starting Kingdom (or, potentially no known influence):

Niriel – the benevolent god of Death. The Tear Maiden. Domain: Unknown. Analogous to Tolkien’s Nienna.
Kelesta – the god of celestial travel. Domain: Knowledge. Twin brother of Aerandir. Analogous to Celestian and Tolkien’s Earendil.
Olorwe – the god of Dreams. Domain: Unknown. Analogous to Sehanine Moonbow and an obscure Tolkien Vala called Irmo.
Zumbar – the god of Fate and Time. Domain: Unknown. Analogous to Istus and the mighty Tolkien Vala, Mandos.
Morkano – the evil god of Power. Domains: War or Tempest. Morkano is a taboo figure, worshipped only in secret, if at all.

The Pantheon of Verdens

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