Dragons of the Pass

The following is Hubbard K. Dewling’s account of all the known dragons who reside in the Pass of the Dragon. As he mentioned, there are 16 known, named dragons. Nine of these tend to stay in their lairs. It’s unlikely that travelers will encounter the nine older dragons, unless they’re sought out in their lairs. The seven named younger dragons are known to roam the Pass. In addition, there are an unknown number of wyrmlings in the Pass.

(Much of the information in this Wiki was left out of the live encounter with Hubbard for the sake of expediency. Everything the Patrons learned from him is included here.)

Red Wyrm – Syzdothyx

Syzdothyx the Terrible has foregone her desire for immortality through becoming a Dracolich. Instead, she has taken up the path to godhood, which puts her on a collision course with Tiamat herself. Syzdothyx has a portal to the Abyss, which she uses to retreat from aging effects of Verdens and to craft schemes and allegiances for her eventual apotheosis.

Red Mature Male – Vayotorn
Red Mature Female – Yrgakila

Vayotorn has a pathological hatred of adventurers. His lair is a death trap, with pits, snares, and powerful magic to protect it. He is not above feigning weakness to gain an advantage, and he never lets pride spell his downfall in combat. Vayotorn seldom engages foes directly.

Ever since her mother was slain by a pair of silver dragons, Yrgakila has nurtured a special enmity for such creatures. She spends time tracking down unprotected nests and offspring of her enemies. This makes the border territory between the silver and red dragons a very dangerous area.

Red Adolescent Male – Fylokk
Red Adolescent Female – Raaze
Red Adolescent Male – Drachenflagrion

A treasure hoarder who loves art objects, it’s thought that Drachenflagrion will make bargains with creatures who can enrich his collection. Only a small portion of his territory crosses the Pass, and so it’s unlikely that travelers will encounter him unless they deign to penetrate the deeper secrets of the mountains.

Fylokk lurks in his lair not fair from the Pass. Brooding and vengeful, he despises anyone who encroaches on his territory and his lair. He watches the comings and goings of the Pass, and he gets his kobolds (and other potential servitors) to report back to him regarding anyone who might ally with the silvers.

Raaze is a vain, overconfident dragon who demands flattery and tribute as tolls from those who wish to cross her territory along the Pass. Because this territory encompasses a large swath of the Pass, adventurers face a high-percentage chance of an out-of-lair encounter with Raaze.

White Wyrm – Laximyrkion

Laximyrkion is the least powerful, but potentially the most feared, of the great wyrms of the Pass of the Dragon. This is because she is the only one known to regularly inhabit her lair on Verdens. Her treasure hoard is so legendarily vast that hunters from across Verdens have been known to seek it out – much to their great regret. She keeps the frozen heads of treasure hunters on display in the territory around her lair, both as trophies and as a warning to those who would attempt to despoil her.

White Mature Male – Nydhogrim
White Mature Female – Cealdia

Intelligent for a white dragon, Nydhogrim has learned to speak common. He fancies himself a diplomat, but his negotiations often amount to crude threats and bullying. He hunts far afield, which keeps would-be treasure seekers away from his frozen hoard.

Cealdia has grown to maturity by relying on her strongest coward’s instincts. She hides herself deep in her lair, protected by the kobolds who worship her. If sorely pressed, Cealdia will attack by ambush, and she will even negotiate her most prized possessions to save her own hide.

White Adolescent Male – Kalkol
White Adolescent Female – Hrymgird

A skulking lurker who hunts via stealth and ambush, Kalkol favors icy lakes and deep snow banks as hiding spots. His territory crosses that of both the reds and the silvers, so he is a known coward. Cunning and evasive, Kalkol is looking for an opportunity to ambush Karaglen when she is entangled in a battle with one of the reds.

Hrymgird is a lethal predator whose territory is insulated from that of most other dragons. As such, she is particularly bold. She will attack anything that isn’t larger than she.

Silver Wyrm – Nymbryxion

Nymbryxion is seldom found on Verdens anymore, preferring instead to make her home on either the Elemental Plane of Air or the Seven Heavens. She has hidden, well-defended portals to both planes. None in living memory have gained an audience or even seen Nymbryxion, but her influence is felt on Verdens nevertheless. Indeed, it is the promise of Nymbryxion’s return that so far has kept the red dragons at bay from attacking her children in the Pass of the Dragon.

Silver Mature Male – Lothirlon
Silver Mature Female – Thylaurai

Lothirlon is said to have a great fondness for forests, often flying down into forested regions to pass time in polymorphed forms. As such, he bears goodwill toward Druids and others with particular affinity for woodland realms and areas. He corrects those who would plunder forests for their resources, or who otherwise damage wild spaces.

Thylaurai is a mistress of lore and healing, which she shares with those who can find her. She keeps friendships with Pegasi and other aerial creatures. If she learns that lore seekers have set out in search of her, she will send messengers to them, but she always makes herself difficult to find. It’s also known that she has a strict vetting process for those who seek access to her audience and her knowledge.

Silver Adolescent Female – Karaglen
Silver Adolescent Male – Nimbus

Karaglen is so bold, and contrary to the reserved, calculating nature of most silvers, that she supposedly hatched five weeks earlier than the other wyrmlings in her clutch. She despises injustice and bullying, prowling the mountains in search of foes. Much of her territory defends the eastern border of silver dragon lands from encroachment by the whites.

Nimbus possesses an insatiable appetite for doing good deeds and for learning other people’s business. He delights in the minutiae of human and demihuman societies. As such, he has grown quite fond of meeting with Hubbard in the foothills. Nimbus is now Hubbard’s chief source of information about the Pass of the Dragon. However, travel in the foothills has grown more dangerous, and Nimbus visits less frequently.

Dragons of the Pass

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