Miya: Song for the Past

Elurien sings this song as Miya Bywater is laid to rest in the shadow of the Royal Headwater Stone:

She hailed from a small house in Mountaingate town
In the land where the black raven flies
Now her flame is extinguished, she has passed from the world
To a realm with much sunnier skies

Our traveling soul-mate, whose masterly trade
That she plied with such skill and such grace
Met her end on the banks of the icy cold shore
And now rests in a far warmer place

With her sugar-sweet smile, and lightness of step
She brought joy to her friends beyond tell
When she flashed her bright eyes with a gleam like starlight
And her laughter that rang as a bell

O Miya! We call out your name loud and true
And our friendship, beyond death will last
With both fondness and sorrow your memory lives
When we stop to remember the past

Miya: Song for the Past

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