The Pillar of Heaven

Session 10: No Such Thing As Ithaquas

In the aftermath of the Battle of Sky Mirror Lake, the Patrons apprehended Cult Leader Ernesto, who attempted to flee via small water craft. Wildward and C combined to pull Ernesto into the water, knock him unconscious, and bind him. They tied him to a tree while the group rested to gather its bearings.

Several individuals performed rituals to the gods and nature during the rest. C took his Oath of Vengeance to Yenaelweth. Verred smeared herself with earth and mud, then cleansed herself in the cold waters of Sky Mirror Lake, affirming to Aerandir her pursuit of her world walk. Wildward invoked the spirit of Nature to guide his pursuits. A great deal of divine power and attention attends the adventuring group.

Upon considering the information gleaned from the cultists, C found Ernesto guilty of capital crimes and authorized Nyx to execute him, and she did with gusto. C stated that his preferred course will be to turn the group away from the Pass of the Dragon to pursue the destruction of the Cult of Morkano at their headquarters citadel. All of the Patrons of Fairhaven are on board with this plan, as it offers a path to combating the group directly responsible for the poisoning of Fairhaven’s fresh water supply. Regardless of what unfolds in the quest for the Pillar of Heaven, C and his allies have a chance to protect hundred of thousands of innocent lives if the Cult’s sinister plans can be stopped.

Nyx dispatched Gary the Invisible Friend on a variety of scouting expeditions. Gary discovered that the Brightmore group had not yet departed from Robin’s Roost. As he set out to the north-northeast to locate the cult compound, the still of the night was disturbed by a horrifying, blood-curdling scream that echoed off the surrounding hillsides. Siri recognized the sound as that of the terrible and entirely fictional Ithaqua – an imaginary monster of insatiable greed and hunger.

Boldly, Berouwvol set off to hunt the monster, and the rest of the group quickly joined him. With tactical expertise provided by Nyx, the combined forces of the Patrons and the Aerandir party made quick work of two Ithaquas with ranged attacks. Amid the fracas, it became apparent that Wildward’s use of Sarmbik’s Wand of Wonder created dangerous results for friends and foes alike. Yet the group prevailed, this time with no fatalities.


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