World Walking Cleric of Aerandir


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 150lbs
Skin: Caucasian
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Age: 20

wise, keen eyes
weather-worn skin
hands worn from work and the road
thick physique, strong frame, hearty appetites
bawdy, boisterous demeanor


The auburn-haired cleric of Aerandir has assembled a party of her own, but not in the quest for the Pillar of Heaven. Rather, she and her team mean to set off on a world-walking journey to follow in the footsteps of Aerandir, the travel-god. Although she is not completely uninterested in the Pillar of Heaven, neither is it her express purpose to recover it.

At the Porcelain Pussycat, Verred struck up conversations with Berouwvol, Cee, and The Wildward. She seemed open and honest. Verred named Elurien the singer and Brynne Simons of the Royal Library as members of her traveling group.

Verred was invited to adventure by Berouwvol and Cee. Currently, it is unknown whether she and her group will travel the with pcs.


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