Member, Guild of Crossed Daggers


The youthful guild thief Reglor met the party at a rendezvous arranged by Nyx. He is working as a liaison between the PCs and their potential patron Otis Shipman of the Shipwrights guild. Reglor delivers a letter to Shipman from Nyx that cements the cooperation of multiple patrons on behalf of the party.

Reglor is a well-spoken, diplomatic fellow, but with a proud disposition and a quick temper. His greasy black hair sits flat, but combed, on his head, and he has a matching wispy mustache that looks like he’s been trying to grow it out since pre-pubescence. Reglor is young, but ambitious, and he knows a great deal about what goes on in Fairhaven due to his position in the Guild of Crossed Daggers.


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