Hubbard K. Dewling

Halfling Sage and Beer Connoisseur


Hubbard K. Dewling, the wizened sage of Robin’s Roost, proved to be quite useful to the Patrons of Fairhaven in his encounter with them. Over a variety of excellent beers in the Dragon Skull Tavern, Dewling was able to recount many names of dragons along with deep lore about them. He also proved to be quite the entertaining drinking companion.


Dewling makes his home in The Roost, an old wooden motte-and-bailey structure on the east end of town. Although he is not a member of the town council, he is very well connected and highly regarded. Dewling professes to have a relationship with the young silver dragon Nimbus, whom the sage claims is the source of most of his lore. However, these days it is difficult for Dewling to venture up into the hills to speak with Nimbus, both due to advancing age and a threat from some big people that has caused travelers to go missing.

Hubbard K. Dewling

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