Brynne Simons

Bold yet bookish librarian and traveller


Brynne Simons, age 22, cuts a fine figure at 5’6" and 124 lbs. An observer might not know it, though, due to her conservative style of dress. This befits her job as a junior librarian at the Royal Library of Fairhaven. She frequently lowers her green eyes shyly. Her rare auburn hair flows down freely past her shoulders.


Brynne Simons met the party when they came to the Royal Library of Fairhaven in search of maps and information for their quest. While she was able to provide them with some nice maps of the Royal River region and Robin’s Roost, she was unable to bypass library protocol to admit the party without them having paid the fees. Brynne is a member of Verred’s party of Aerandir. This group will accompany the party over the Pass of the Dragon into Zarkandaria.

Brynne Simons

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