Headstrong Aearmo Devotee


Berouwvol is a half-elven character with Olive skim, white hair and grey eyes. He is 22 years of age, 5’9 and 114 pounds. He is a young acolyte who has found the love of Ayarmo as a guiding light in his life. He was raised on the love of Ayarmo and has developed a devotion to this god. This god is of the tempest domain: a domain that finds its home in battle and the fury that it evokes. Berouwvol has found his home in the love of battle and the love of the fight. He is always looking for an opportunity to do good, but does find himself uninterested in the structures of the government and the desire for order in life. He thrives on the randomness that occurs in life and it is the randomness that allows him to find the true nature of Ayarmo.


Berouwvol was raised in a loving family.


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