Influential Cleric of Aearmo


A robust, broadly-build bear of a man, Beranleod possesses the strength of the waves in his barrel-like chest and arms. His blue-green eyes roil like the sea itself. His red, weather face is ringed by a curly black-and-grey beard that appears like great storm clouds bursting on the far-off horizon.

His booming voice echoes through the sea-vault. Beranleod doesn’t care who hears him as he articulates the urgency of the party’s mission. Neither does he care with whom else the party makes league. As long as Berouwvol has a stake in the mission, the purpose of Aearmo will be realized if the group succeeds. The prospects of future religious alliances and more power within Fairhaven mean nothing to Beranleod. The purity of the water and the power of Aearmo to affect it are of primary importance.

For Beranleod, the retrieval of the Pillar of Heaven is essential to the restoration of a clean water supply for Fairhaven. He appreciates the inclusion of the Wildward in Berouwvol’s party, as such a person is bound to place the health of the natural world above any material gain that the Pillar might provide. As long as the health of the water is assured, Beranleod will not mind sharing the boon of the Pillar with others, including the master shipbuilder Otis Shipman, whose great works are born upon the great seas of Aearmo.


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