The Pillar of Heaven

Session 1: The Tavern of the Porcelain Pussycat

The Quest is Afoot

At the Porcelain Pussycat, Grizeldo Croon opened the evening’s entertainment. Others, including Nyx, Berouwvol, C, and “Of the Wildwards” took up positions in the tavern. While some waited for events to unfold, Berouwvol and C took the initiative by boldly proclaiming their intention to form a party in the quest for the Pillar of Heaven.

After Li Peng at first expressed some reticence to talk, C appealed to the Monk’s sense of the greater good. Thereafter, Li Peng revealed his secret: Olorwe had given him a vision that the Pillar of Heaven was connected in some way to a mysterious structure called The Weirdrangle. It is located in the land of Zarkandaria, on the far side of the Skytower mountains. Could The Weirdrangle be the final resting place of the legendarily destroyed Pillar of Heaven?

The newly forming adventuring party gathered at Nyx’s table, despite the suspicions aroused by her telepathic invitation. The group encountered some other interesting folks in the tavern. One of these was Bardolph Waggoner, an apprentice wizard who recounted various legends about the Pillar of Heaven. Another was Verred, a cleric of Aerandir, whose adventuring group is setting off on a world walk (and not necessarily questing for the Pillar of Heaven). It remains unsettled whether Verred’s group will travel with Berouwvol, C, and their friends.

As the night wound down, the new group discussed their next best moves. These include gathering more information about The Weirdrangle and the upcoming journey over the mountains. More importantly, the group discussed plans to maximize resources by contracting with multiple patrons in the quest for the Pillar of Heaven. They will start with Father Gildshine, who is Grizeldo’s contact.


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