The Pillar of Heaven

Session 3: The Quay Imbroglio

As the party wrangled the dead and unconscious bodies of their fallen foes upon the stone quay, several giant rats and rat swarms emerged and attacked. With some effort and ingenuity, the party fended off these beasts. Finally, the bodies (including that of their slumbering comrade Berouwvol) were dragged to a hidden spot behind a hut at the end of the quay.

Then, a platoon of soldiers led by Captain Trumlin marched down the quay toward the party. Trumlin identified himself as the leader of Duke Breakspear’s forces. The Wildward spoke to Captain Trumlin, as did Nyx, but neither was able to prevent him from ordering his troops to complete their sweeping search of the quay.

The Wildward tried to dissuade Captain Trumlin by attacking him and his troops with powerful offensive magic. Things looked bad for the party when the armed forces forced their surrender. However, Otis Shipman appeared with a ragtag group of armed militia to force a stalemate with Trumlin’s troops.

Otis cut a deal to trade the captive prisoners who had attacked the party for the freedom of the party itself. Trumlin and his troops then went on to complete their sweep of the docks. The party retired to Otis’ offices to rest up before their journey, which is set to begin the next day.


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