The Pillar of Heaven

Session 9: The Cleansing of Sky Mirror Lake

Upon waking up in camp, Pemming Gildshine returned to Fairhaven to conduct a campaign of spying and mischief. The rest of the Patrons of Fairhaven conducted a spirited discussion concerning how to engage with the group of black-clad campers at Sky Mirror Lake. Nyx’s invisible friend Gary had investigated the entire area, which made the Patrons well aware of the layout of the terrain. It was agreed that Nyx would approach the group and parley to gather information about their purposes and who sent them.

As the Aerandir party awoke, Brynne Simons presented the Patrons with several books that had come from the Royal Library. The various tomes of knowledge will help those who use them as resources to glean relevant information on a broad range of topics. In return for the two scrolls Nyx gave her, Brynn also provided three Paladin-only scrolls to Cee, who it appears is deeply admired by most of the members of the Aerandir party.

With the marching order set and various plans in place (including a run by Gary back to Robin’s Roost), the Patrons and their allies hit the trail toward Sky Mirror Lake. After a couple of hours, several winged creatures appeared in the skies above. It was a pod of wyrmling silver dragons. With a bit of effort, a line of communication was established, and one of the dragons landed to hold converse with Brynne, the group’s only speaker of Draconic language.

The dragon informed Brynne that the group’s coming had been indicated by an ally (Hubbard K. Dewling) in Robin’s Roost. Moreover, the dragons were aware that the black-clad campers at the lake had been poisoning the water there. A second group of wyrmlings was already scouting the scene at the lake. The Patrons and their friends were being watched and tested by the elder silver dragons who guard the pass, it was learned.

Next, a raven arrived from Robin’s Roost, bearing a return letter from Otis Shipman. This letter was a response to Nyx’s letter from several days earlier. Otis offered reports regarding the routing of a squad of Thornicroft’s soldiers, along with a story about a break-in at the Royal Library of Fairhaven that resulted in the ouster of chief sage al-Qarawi. The letter also informed the Patrons that Archduke Ravensdale had been appointed to the newly created post of Chief of Internal Security for the Kingdom of Fairhaven.

At last, the large group of adventurers reached the southern shore of the Royal River. Fording the stream, everyone took up concealed positions as Nyx entered the camp to speak to the campers. Among other things, she learned that they were indeed Cultists of Morkano, on a mission ordered by a Cultist named Wulfgar, to poison the water and make their getaway. She also learned that Wulfgar and the rest of the cultists dwell in the headquarters of the Cult of Morkano to the North.

Nyx exited the camp, and the party attacked. Many cultists were felled by swords and spells, as the cult leader, Ernesto, sought to make his escape by boat. Toward the end of the combat, a blanket of darkness engulfed the main battle area. An eruption of fire followed several seconds later, destroying all the remaining cult members (save Ernesto). Sadly, Miya Bywater of the Aerandir party was burned to death in the flames, and many other allies suffered burns in the fire.


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