The Pillar of Heaven

Session 7: Sarmbik's Vault

In venturing beyond the guardian room of Sarmbik’s Vault, the Patrons of Fairhaven came to a natural cavern deep within the hillside of The Roost. Replete with stalagmites, spikes, and scalding geysers, the cavern challenged the Patrons to find a way to traverse its natural and man-made obstacles. This was accomplished with an extremely well-constructed rope bridge and some spider-form reconnaissance by The Wildward.

Most of the party withstood the ill effects of the mad gnome shade’s appearance, but Cee’s courage was thwarted by Sarmbik’s horrifying visage. Pemming bolstered the party with inspiring music and glib banter. Amid the inane babbling of the ghost, many Patrons assailed the spirit while Nyx engaged it in a telepathic contest of wills. Nyx prevailed, and the ghost revealed that it was being controlled by “The Lady” through its crystal ball.

Soon after driving off the ghost, the Patrons advanced into the heart of Sarmbik’s Vault: his spare but well-stocked treasure room. Therein, Sarmbik’s ghost was at last defeated by the mighty hammer falls of Berouwvol. The Patrons then looted his treasure. Among many other useful boons, the hoard contained the one particular item for which the party had trespassed the ancient tomb: a detailed map of the Pass of the Dragon.


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