The Pillar of Heaven

Session 6: Hubbard K. Dewling of Robin's Roost

After eliminating the were-rat, and his badger and toad allies, the Patrons of Fairhaven resumed their journey with Wender Wilkins along the Royal River. For his part, Wilkins collected the bounty for the were-rat’s head, upgraded the Patrons’ treasure to more portable forms, and provided some useful information about his home town of Robin’s Roost. On board the ship, the Patrons discussed tactics for engaging the Brightmore party and potentially eliminating them as competition in the quest for the Pillar of Heaven.

Upon arriving in Robin’s Roost, the Patrons were greeted by Adia, who served as a guide and advisor in town. It was clear that the townspeople were erecting a fairgrounds to honor the impending arrival of native son and folk hero, Everwin Peake. She led them to a wood-built motte-and-bailey style keep called the Roost, wherein resided the noted halting sage Hubbard K. Dewling. The sage enjoyed beer with the Patrons at the Dragon Skull Inn, and he shared what he knew about the Pass of the Dragon (which was a fair amount).

Other troubles persist in Robin’s Roost, including the befouling of the water supply by a bizarre bluish-greenish-blackish algae. Upon parting company with Dewling, the Patrons were led by Adia to the home of Adelberg, the town mayor. Once they gained entry to the meeting, the Patrons agreed to help the town with its water supply in exchange for the key to Sarmbik’s Vault, which is said to contain vital information about the Pass of the Dragon. The Patrons also agreed that they would share any information that they found in the Vault that could be vital to Everwin Peake’s success in the Pass of the Dragon, including Sarmbik’s Journal and the map he was thought to have made of the Pass.

The Patrons gained entry into Sarmbik’s Vault, and they bypassed a room filled with summoned and illusory guardians. They defeated a poison dart trap. Now, the party stands at the mouth of a large cavern, which roils with steaming geysers, and includes a spiked floor and a precipitous path across slippery stalagmites.


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