The Pillar of Heaven

Session 11: Of Goats and Generals

Following the battle with the nonexistent Ithaquas, Wildward engaged with the surviving dire mountain goat only to learn that its deceased mate was pregnant. Acting quickly, with the aid of Berouwvol, the Wildward performed a successful emergency c-section. He now has an infant baby goat snuggling the crook of his hips…hard.

Around the campfire, Nyx used her fireside chat venue to reveal that she had been living with the Cult of Morkano prior to meeting the rest of the party at the Porcelain Pussycat. As she revealed the details of her story, she made it clear that the Cult’s leaders had poisoned the waters of her trust, in addition to the poisoning of the waters of Fairhaven. Nyx is prepared to use her standing in the Cult to help the Patrons and their allies of Aerandir gain entrance into the Moraeambo stronghold. Nyx proposed that the Patrons cut off the head of the snake by destroying the leadership of the Cult. The Wildward revealed that he was sent to Fairhaven to find C and accompany him.

The group set off on the 100-mile journey from Sky Mirror Lake to the Moraeambo. Cee and Berouwvol led the marching order, with the Wildward using his foraging, meteorology, and cartography skills to support the party as its primary wilderness guide. Edible roots were discovered, gethered and eaten. Nyx deployed her invisible friend Gary on a variety of reconnaissance missions: tracking the wayward paths of the Ithaqua, venturing to the Moraeambo to steal Wulfgar’s handwriting sample, and even flying further north to try to find the Cult’s ultimate winter stronghold. Faithful Wilfrick herded the pack animals from a safe position as the journey progressed uneventfully.

From her position in the rear of the group, Siri noticed lots of Kobold tracks. Setting up an ambush, Gary served as Nyx’s eyes to use telepathy with Yerimi, the self-identified leader of the Kobold platoon. Somewhat intimidated, and wanting very much to secure the safe passage of the Kobolds, Yerimi informed the Patrons that he was a lifelong servant of the great red dragon Vayotorn. This group was traveling to a stronghold that matched the description of the Moraeambo, in order to make the area ready for its new resident. One of Vayotorn’s offspring is set to move into the area.

So eager was Yerimi to avoid a confrontation that he paid the toll of a 100gp diamond to Berouwvol, who stepped forward as the face of the group when Yerimi insisted on seeing his interlocutor. Significantly, Berouwvol lowered his warhammer and allowed the Kobolds to pass unharmed. Is Ber turning over a new leaf of gentler behavior? Will the Patrons leverage their relationship with Yerimi in the future?

Meanwhile…Wildward has used Druidcraft to predict that a snow storm will hit the area in the next 24 hours.


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