The Pillar of Heaven

Session 4: Guards and the Guardian

The characters woke at Otis’ offices. They made their way back to the Porcelain Pussycat, where the Wildward befriended a dog. Berouwvol engaged in some strategic destruction of property by smashing the literal porcelain pussycat with his warhammer. The party fixed the pussycat with magic. Inside, newly minted squire Wilfric demonstrated sincerity and industriousness, while serving-maid Rosa was added to the party payroll.

Unfortunately, the party was unable to get deep inside the Royal Library of Fairhaven. The fees to speak with the sages and peruse materials were too high. Brynne Simons provided some aid to the party, in the form of maps and collaboration. Her group, led by Verred, priestess of Aerandir, eventually resolved to accompany the party over the Pass of the Dragon into Zarkandaria.

After receiving supplies from Otis, the party boarded the craft of Wender Wilkins, ferryman extraordinaire. A group of guards tried to ride off with information regarding the party’s departure. Swift-acting Berouwvol took the lead in cutting down the fleeing guards from long distance, ensuring that no message could be delivered to the guards’ commander, the despised Baron Thornicroft. The Wildward also caught a fish for his new Osprey-friend.

As Wilkins’ boat made its way up river, it was accosted by the “Guardian of the River,” a giant constrictor snake. The reptile threatened to grab C and carry him off into the water, but a fast-acting Wildward broke the snake’s hold with powerful magic. The entire party combined to rout the snake, the carcass of which is now being smoked and eaten aboard the deck of the ship.

The next stop for the party is the riverside town of Ashton, where the group will rejoin Wilfric. The young squire is guided captured horses to the town.


lol you tactfully left out the fact Pemm was snoozing, dreaming about duck egg pudding belowdecks during that watersnake episode

Session 4: Guards and the Guardian
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