Telepathic, Charismatic Dark Elf


Nyx emerged from a volcanic crater 15 years ago on a starless night, knowing only her name, with no memory of her life before that moment. It was a new moon on the solstice of the Chill season, Frostgrip 23. She wandered the wilds for 3 years, barely surviving until given refuge by the Cult of Morkano.

Over time she learned to invent stories and play coy to cover for not knowing who she really was. She became so good at it that, by her own admission, she is more comfortable with deception than honesty.

After a few years the Cult deployed her as a spy, burglar and informant throughout the Kingdom of Fairhaven. Her relationship with the Cult and its beliefs has always been one of convenience. Privately, she viewed Morkano and his fanatics with contempt. Perhaps they sensed this, as the Cult always held her allegiance at arm’s length, and 12 years of suspicious treatment have poisoned the waters of any loyalty she might’ve had. Her last mission for the Cult was to spy on Pemming Gildshine, but instead she chose to forge a special alliance of mutual cooperation with him.

Nyx has an “invisible friend” named Gary who moves objects at her whim and performs espionage for her. She can hear thoughts and often speaks without making a sound. When she draws her swords, purple sparks skate along the blades. She tends to vanish without warning.

She is a young adult dark elf. She’s left handed, 99 years old, 5’5" and weighs 110 lbs. Her skin is like polished obsidian, her pale red eyes have no pupils, and her wavy hair is dark blue-black— very unusual for a dark elf. She smells like black orchid and sparks.

Nyx wears a hooded black cloak and close-fitting black studded leather, accented with chain patterns. In daylight and brightly lit rooms, she dons a pair of circular lensed John Lennon-style sunglasses. A pair of short swords hang from crossed chain belts at her hips. She wears knee-high, buckled, soft black boots with pointed toes. Thin chains encircle each thigh and upper arm, and her nails are painted purple. A jet black crystal shaped like an octagonal obelisk, pointed on both ends, hangs from a chain around her neck. The crystal vertically impales a silver skull fitting.
Her voice is melodic and soft. She never raises it, and she’s always calm. She is exquisitely attractive and there’s a nimble efficiency to her movement. Despite her uncommon appearance, she has a knack for fitting into any setting: private or public, urban or rural, high class or low. Her natural charm disarms prejudice, and she is a keen student of body language. While she’s more in her element in the city, she lets her hair down in villages and takes pleasure in wilderness travel— as long as it’s in the dark.

Nyx is very accommodating to those she considers allies, and brings swift vengeance upon any she feels has demeaned or dishonored her. Nyx’s temper is fierce and unforgiving, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. If her revenge for a perceived slight is not taken immediately, one can rest assured someday it will be.

Nyx has the patience of a more mature elf. Her sights are set on the “long game”, ever willing to make a temporary sacrifice for a long-term advantage. Nyx is practical and pragmatic. She is usually focused on resources, stratagems, and power structures. She believes the pen is mightier than the sword, and she has great respect for arcane lore. She’s a natural businesswoman, negotiator and seducer— something else that gets her into trouble…


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