The Pillar of Heaven

Session 8: Hitting the Trail

The Patrons wrapped up their foray into Sarmbik’s Vault with an organized process for dividing the great treasure. This process featured several intra-party deals, including the sale of the first selection by Berouwvol and a tourmaline for the Wildward, from Nyx, in exchange for a promise of regular use of his new Wand of Wonder. Cee took custody of Sarmbik’s crystal ball, which is ostensibly linked to his madness.

Outside the tomb, the leading Halflings awaited the Patrons. Several Halflings imposed the Patrons to make good on their promises, including the promise to provide information about the Pass of the Dragon to Everwin Peake, and the promise to help Robin’s Roost with its poisoned water supply. Hubbard K. Dewling translated Sarmbik’s map of the Pass of the Dragon.

After the Wildward provided the plans for Robin’s Roost to build its own water purification cistern, the Patrons hit the trail toward the Pass of the Dragon. They made their rendezvous with the party of Aerandir. Currently, the Patrons are within striking distance of Sky Mirror Lake, where Nyx’s invisible friend has espied a group of black-clad campers.


Also, we made copies of Sarmbik’s PoD map.

Session 8: Hitting the Trail
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